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Please Note that Bill Thomson Handyman &SES will cease trading from the end of May 2018.

I am therefore no longer taking on any new work.

Sincere thanks to all my Customers over the last Five years.

Best Regards Bill Thomson

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Terms & Conditions

Estimates - I will provide estimates on request and inspection. Estimates will be free of charge. Any Estimated Hours /Charges may be flexed upwards or downwards on a pro rata basis depending on actual time taken to complete the agreed work. Estimates will not be binding unless agreed as such.


Pricing - Work will generally be priced by the hour or an overall price will be estimated per job for agreement depending on the size/type of job.


Current 2018 rates - General Handyman/Garden work – Hourly rate excluding materials £20 for first hour, £15 per hour thereafter or pro rata per each half hour.

Electrical Work - Overall price estimated per job to include or exclude materials on a job/customer dependent basis or where applicable hourly rate excluding materials £25 for first hour, £20 per hour thereafter or pro rata per each half hour.

Please Note:An additional attendance charge per visit may be added for all work types out-with immediate Kirkcaldy area unless there is other work also scheduled in your area.


Payment for services - Charges start from arrival at Customers site.

Time taken to arrange/collect materials from suppliers for a job and any additional agreed works during a job may be chargeable on a pro rata basis based on above rates.

Fixed price jobs once agreed will be subject to an up-front payment by the customer of a 25% deposit plus any required materials costs.

All outstanding charges should be settled immediately upon satisfactory completion of the majority of the work and immediately upon presentation of a final invoice. Payment can be either made primarily by Cash or Online Bank Transfer (Transfer must complete within 7 days of invoice date or work completion date). Cheques will only be accepted if agreed.


Materials / Payment for Materials - Generally Customers will provide any decorative Items to be fitted, EG  Electric light fittings, decorative light switches, shelves, curtain poles, etc. and that these must be of a suitable standard to meet any associated regulations.

For larger jobs materials as agreed should be either sourced by the Customer direct in advance or by agreement can be sourced by myself on payment of full materials cost including any delivery charge in advance by the Customer. I will carry a range of sundry fittings (Screws/picture hooks etc.) which will be chargeable sundries on a per job basis.


Miscellaneous Customer Obligations - Garden Waste Produce –  I do not have disposal facilities for large quantities of garden waste. Garden waste will generally be disposed of via Customers garden waste bin with any excess gathered or bagged up where feasible for future disposal by the Customer using local recycling disposal facilities.


Customer Ownership / Safety - By instructing Bill Thomson Handyman to carry out any agreed works, as the Customer you agree that:

1 - Your home or location of required work is a safe environment for the agreed work to be discharged with access to the area of work safe and unobstructed.

2 - You own any premises/property in which the Work is to be completed, and/or any goods in relation to which the Work is to be completed, or -

3 - The person(s) who own or have an interest in the premises property or goods where necessary have given you authority to have the proposed work carried out and have been made aware of the proposed work and these conditions.

4 - You as the Customer accept responsibility for any claim arising from any third party if points 2 & 3 above prove not to be the case.


Bill Thomson (Sole Trader)